Giga Photo Imaging offers photographic services and imaging solutions using ultra high resolution imaging technology. This is the same technology that NASA uses to explore distant planets.

We will take hundreds of images of a single subject using a NASA developed Gigapan robotic camera mount and stitch them seamlessly together with software specifically designed for this purpose. After stitching is complete we render a final ultra high resolution image, usually between 2 to 8 gigabytes or 2000 to 8000 megabytes.

The images we create are capable of producing huge wall murals and still have very fine detail.

Embed the image in a website and people can interactively zoom in or explore an image.

Trade shows or exhibits is an other popular use for this product. A large backdrop with incredible detail could really catch attention or view an image interactively on a large screen.

Let us photograph your next project using this ultra high resolution imaging technology or use one of our existing images.